PHI – God’s Ratio

For the past few years, I have been studying the interesting world of ‘PHI’.   You might ask, why are you interested in a Greek letter?  It is the same spelling, but this ‘Phi’ was selected by historians to describe the dimensional ratio of 1.62,  found in much of nature.

Many books and articles have been published on this ‘super natural’ number known a ‘The Golden Ratio’ or ‘Phi’.   The reason this can be so fascinating is that once you become aware of it, you may be able ‘see God’ in a new way everyday… ways you haven’t realized before.   This is why I have begun to refer to Phi as ‘God’s Ratio’.    If God is the Chief Designer of all (and this writer believes He is), then it should become obvious to readers and ‘seekers’, that He employed the numerical dimensions of Phi, in His overall architecture of the world.

Most of us have ‘seen God’ in nature, ie, beautiful mountains,  spectacular sun sets, and wildlife.  However, if you were able to look at these a little closer, with the help of Phi,  you may be able to see God in nature with more clarity, opening up a whole new world, that has been before you all along.    It might be like going to the eye doctor, and coming away with a new prescription for contacts or glasses, thus, allowing you to see things more clearly.   This might sound odd at this point, if this is the first time you’ve heard about Phi in nature.  But, let’s look closer.

There are two separate Scripture passages, among many others, that can help validate the use of ‘God’s Ratio’, in seeing God:

1, 1 Cor. 13:12 (seeing dimly now, but able to see more clearly later);  and,

2. Rom. 1:20  (describing how God can be plainly seen, in what He has made)

Hopefully, this short blog may spur you to a greater knowledge and application of ‘God’s Ratio’, helping you and others to  become more aware of the constant dimension  of 1.62 within the design within living nature around us.   If you’re like me, you can’t help but conclude that there is a Master Designer….. and His name is God Almighty.

See below, for links to a partial list of current publications on this incredible truth of Phi in God’s design. We hope your faith is deepened with further study,  and give you an added passion and method to share your faith in God with others.

Calico Meaux


Links for further study:

1. The Golden Ratio  : Livio, Random House, 2002.

2. Is God a Mathematician? : Livio, Simon & Schuster, 2009.

3. Online link:

Our Great Coach

After recently reading the passage below in  2 Timothy ……..

…………….it reminded me what a ‘great coach and guide’ we have available  – in our daily Christian life.


What you heard from me, keep the pattern of sound teaching,                  

with faith and love in Christ Jesus.  

Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you— 

with the help of the Holy Spirit ,  who lives in us.2 Tim 1:13 –(NIV)


 Just like many things in life, we can take the most important people in our life for granted, and sometimes forget the foundational role they play for our overall benefit and helper within our pursuits in life.   How many times do we ‘do it alone’, when things are tough… forgetting available resources and specific caring people who love us and are available for counsel at any time?


In passages like that above, the Bible reminds believers that we have a  ‘Heavenly Coach & Mentor’,  available for us, if we but seek Him out.

Who is that coach?   He’s in the passage above, and here’s a hint….. His initials aren’t JC.   This is in no way means disrespect to our Savior and God’s only Son.  However, it is to bring needed respect to the ‘lonely’ member of the Trinity.


All of us seek the advice of mentors, ministers, coaches, teachers, or parents.  But, I wonder how many believers experience the essence of the passage above, with our faith in Christ…. and with the help of the Holy Spirit?   We tend to rely on ‘faith in Christ’, but do we seek the Holy Spirit?

Only you can answer this for yourself.  Most Christians fail to recognize a heavenly helper other than God and Christ.  But, there’s another we can call.


With football season upon us, an analogy comes to mind,  to which we can all relate –  ‘Coaches’……


Just like college teams who have many coaches on the sidelines, and NFL teams who have  owners, general managers, and a head coach,  

they all work together for a combined effort to guide the team (and each player), in their pursuits for victory.


As Believers, we  have a powerful and effective team of spiritual advisors and coaches,  beyond earthly coaches, ie,  The Trinity .

The three members of the Godhead. And the 3rd member (The Holy Spirit) is designated as our ‘coach and counselor’,   intentionally placed on earth

to give believers guidance and direction along our way.   He took the baton from Christ on the final leg of the victory lap, and has continued to run into the crowd to help us in time of need.     Have we ever realized this….. the 3rd member of the Godhead is our intended  ‘on-earth’ spiritual guide?   

But, we must seek Him out, just like we seek out a teacher or parent or coach in time of need.


He is there waiting for us, and many times guides us ‘secretly’ without us  being aware. 

But, the more we stop depending on ourselves and seek Him, the more we are in tune with God’s  plan for us and the world around us.   


With the distractions of daily life,  and the church’s low emphasis on The Holy Spirit, it’s no wonder that we are confused, and as a result,

fail to seek out the Great Counselor ‘who lives within us’.   


So, join me in prayer for all believers, including me and you,  to have a greater knowledge, appreciation, and experience with our

Holy Coach,  Chief Advisor,  and Head Counselor – available 24/7, who was intentionally sent to help guide us with our playbook,  on God’s team.     

30 second survey- rate your church

Rate your personal church experience , from 1-10  (1=Never ;  5=Sometimes  10=Often).

1. Do you ever get a call/email from one of your church ministers,  just to see how you’re doing? (not counting emergencies or special needs) ___

2. Does your church offer a small group setting where you and others can openly ask questions or share spiritual struggles?  ___

3. Do you feel you have gifts that could be used in your local church, but feel awkward about inquiring, or not sure who to contact?  ___

4. Do you receive discipleship training within your church, or is it at least being offered within your church, for intentional spiritual growth? ___

5. Do you feel your pastor identifies with you, ie, who you are , your current Christian walk, and in  your everyday activities at work or home? ___

Thanks for taking our short survey.  Reply below to this post with your answers. Your efforts will help in our pursuits to enhance Christians’ spiritual growth within their local church.

Your specific answers will remain confidential, but they will be added to the general statistics we compile, to share with church leaders throughout America, in a loving effort to encourage local ministers in all denominations to intentionally evaluate how the sheep in their pastorate are being fed and watered weekly.

Is there a real connection between the verbal theology voiced from the pulpit and in small groups on Sundays,  and practical Christian experience during the weekly life of the average church member?  If so, then wants to be used by God to encourage the sheep  and their shepherds,  to identify more closely with one another……for church leaders to possibly gain a keener insight and confidence about  what it means practically to ‘feed & tend’ the sheep God has given them, as expressed by Jesus in John 21: 15-17.

Feel free to reply to this blog with any ideas or comments, as we work together to increase all believers’ ability to ‘Be’ the Real Church Now!